India's Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Drones, AI on the Edge & Cloud

1 Martian Way (1MW) is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Drones and Embedded Artificial Intelligence products based in Mumbai, India. We create advanced sentient drones, robots and scalable platforms that are used in a large number of industrial use cases powered by AI on the edge and cloud. We have deep expertise in providing custom-built drones as per client requirements driven by a team of high tech-worth roboticists and AI scientists. We are most popularly known as the creators of the internationally acclaimed Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL).

Our core products include the 1MW Industrux Series of Drones and 1MW xFleetY - An Extensible & Scalable Drone Fleet Management SaaS that can track millions of heterogenous drones with transmission of real-time video, tracking and telemetry data along with weather/situational awareness, collision avoidance and other constantly involving features. Other offerings include the 1MW Geospatial Intel Suite and 1MW Backduck. Our brand family includes the Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL) and Roboland. We also license our technology to third party vendors and companies. For queries related to licensing and IP transfer kindly refer to our licensing section.


1MW Geospatial Intel Suite
1MW AirDiff

Our suite of advanced geospatial intelligence software comprises of 1MW AirDiff – Change Detection Software for large infrastructure assets and 1MW xFleetY – Drone fleet monitoring and tracking
AI Web/Mobile Platforms
1MW BackDuck

Our AI driven Web/Mobile Platform includes solutions that power large drone racing communities such as IDRL. We have also delivered software for the healthcare sector.